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Advanced features in SDK

Get SDK version

The following method returns the version of Tapsell SDK which is being used.


Caching configurations

As mentioned in previous step, since version 3.0.0 and above, Tapsell SDK supports caching video ads prior to showing them to the user. By using this feature, user doesn’t face consecutive lags watching the video while having weak network connection.

On the other hand, using this feature in real-time apps and games might result in lags while user is using main features of application. To avoid this issue, Tapsell SDK provides a few functions which can be used to limit the bandwidth allocated to downloading video file.

The function below can limit allocated bandwidth for downloading file to a certain percentage of total available bandwidth for the app.

Tapsell.setMaxAllowedBandwidthUsagePercentage(context, maxPercentage);

The second input argument of this function is an integer indicating the maximum percentage of bandwidth which Tapsell is allowed to use for downloading video files (must be between 10 and 100).

If you have already calculated available bandwidth using you own codes, you can use the method given below to allocate a certain amount of bandwidth for downloading video files.

Tapsell.setMaxAllowedBandwidthUsage(context, maxBpsSpeed);

The second argument is a number of type long which indicates the maximum speed for downloading video files in Bytes Per Second.

If you wish to disable the current bandwidth allocation settings in your application, you can use the method given below.


Debug Mode

Developers might confront errors and difficulties implementing Tapsell SDK if they do not follow the steps in docs accurately. Tapsell SDK provides a debug mode which can ease the process of debugging. While debug mode is active, developer can see the logs of Tapsell SDK using logcat in Android Monitor. To enable debug mode, you should create an object of TapsellConfiguration class and use the below code to initialize Tapsell.

TapsellConfiguration config = new TapsellConfiguration();
Tapsell.initialize(context, config, appKey);

Then open logcat located in Android Monitor tab of Android Studio to see the logs.

Please let us know whether this document was helpful and what complications you faced while using Tapsell Android SDK.

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