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Project Setup

These are a few quick steps that must be taken prior to integrating Tapsell ads in your application.

Step 1: Setup Tapsell SDK

Add the following code to project’s build.gradle file :

maven {
    url 'https://dl.bintray.com/tapsellorg/maven'

Then add this code snippet to application’s build.gradle’s dependencies:

// Android Studio 3.0 and above
implementation 'ir.tapsell.sdk:tapsell-sdk-android:4.3.7'

// Older Android Studio
compile 'ir.tapsell.sdk:tapsell-sdk-android:4.3.7'

Step 2: Proguard Configuration

Get proguard.properties file from this link this link and add it to proguard properties of your app module.

Please let us know whether this document was helpful and what complications you faced while using Tapsell Android SDK.

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