1. Server-To-Server Verificaton

Server-To-Server Verificaton

Our S2S verification system is designed for publishers in order to prevent abuse of reward-based ads in online apps and games and prevents using mods and patchers.


In order to use S2S verification, it must be enabled for your app on Tapsell server. So you should send an email to info@tapsell.ir so the technical support team activates the service for your app.

To use S2S verification system, you must pass the Id of ad (suggestionId) to app server. Then the server must send an HTTP request to Tapsell server to verify the sent Id.

You can use the following api to verify video ad views.



The request should use POST method and the data should be passed in JSON format (Content-Type:application/json). The Id of ad, which is given to
you in onAdShowFinished callback, must be sent in JSON body in the following format

    "suggestionId":"SuggestionId provided by SDK"


Result of the verification request is in JSON format and includes a boolean parameter named valid which shows whether the id represents a valid ad. Please note that each id can be used only once for validation.

    "valid": true